Welcome to the Kaiut Yoga Dallas School

Kaiut Yoga is for you who seek balance in their physical activities and we at Kaiut Yoga seek to help you alleviate pains and discomforts which have originated from the daily routines or aging deterioration.  With 30 years of excellence in delivering the best yoga experience to all.


To help people live better by revealing each individual potential, through the use of a studied and proven yoga method, reinterpreted into a western reality.


Share with the world that yoga must be a daily activity, such as brushing our teeth.


Humanity, Potential, Life Quality and Assistance.

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The main feeling that Kauit has given me is the ability to have more control of my balance. ( the feet and ankle poises have helped!)  The hip openers have also helped me in my posture.
Also  holding posies for longer has been helpful for my mind control!!.
Kauit just makes me feel good!!
Learn a lot in your training session!!

Not many things touch my life for the better, but Kaiut has. I do not believe much in souls or God; people assume that this means I am without open-mindedness, love, or a moral compass. What people often miss about me is that I believe in the mind. I believe in understanding it, being conscious, introspective, and kind to other beings. Humans seem to have a predilection for grouping and distinguishing, but Kaiut Yoga is about inclusion. No matter your circumstance, age, or health it welcomes you.


I believe Kaiut is ahead of its time in America. The mind-body causal interaction is still debated today. Nature versus Nurture is still argued today. The world painted in those black and white arguments is not a realistic one. The mind and the body affect each other, and we are all a tangled amalgam of our nature and nurture. I believe that Kaiut Yoga embraces this and offers a physically and emotionally cathartic experience. It pulls you into feeling sensations, releasing trauma, and healing your body with the time old tradition of a practice. There is an emphasis on being where you are, healing your body and mind as an integrated system, and on the cultivation of inner peace. Few things attempt to tackle untying the knots of the above psycho-biological issues we all face, but this yoga does.

I personally experience a lot of physical pain throughout the day. Kaiut helps tremendously. Simply judging from the sensations I feel, I can tell that the creator considered lifestyle, neural pathways, and the longevity of mobility when he designed the sets. It feels organic and restorative. I could not be more of a fan.

I came in as a first time beginner to yoga. The instruction is easy to follow, with great mental and physical focus points. Saw immediate results by feeling better throughout the days after a session. My minor aches and pains stay away, joints are opened and expanded. Refreshes the mind and body.